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J.K. Rowlingair force 1 eliteair force 1 eliteHarry and Ron went to visit her every evening. When the new term started, they brought her each day's homework.air force 1 eliteair force 1 eliteLockhart waved an arm for silence and called “Gather round, gather round! Can everyone see me? Can you all hear me? Excellent!air force 1 eliteair force 1 elite“Don't fidget,” said Ron. “Or you might well fall out of the wrong fireplace—”

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air force whiteProfessor McGonagall gave him a piercing look, but he was sure she had almost smiled. Her mouth looked less thin, anyway.air force whiteair force white

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There was something familiar about that voice…air force white

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air force one highair force one highair force one highair force one highHe held out a pudgy hand, and Harry shook it.

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A vast, low-slung, hairy body and a tangle of black legs; a gleam of many eyes and a pair of razor-sharp pincers - Riddle raised his wand again, but he was too late. The thing bowled him over as it scuttled away, tearing up the corridor and out of sight. Riddle scrambled to his feet, looking after it; he raised his wand, but the huge boy leapt on him, seized his wand, and threw him back down, yelling, “NOOOOOO!”air force missions“Arthur Weasley loves Muggles so much he should snap his wand in half and go and join them,” said Malfoy scornfully. “You'd never know the Weasleys were pure-bloods, the way they behave.”air force missions

Harry couldn't bring himself to repeat what Ernie and the rest of the Hufflepuffs had been saying about him.air force missions