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Harry Potterair force 1 low topsStill the wizard ignored him. He didn't seem even to have heard him. Thinking that the wizard might be deaf, Harry raised his voice.air force 1 low topsair force 1 low topsair force 1 low tops“You live in a Muggle orphanage during the holidays, I believe?” said Dippet curiously.air force 1 low topsair force 1 low topsMalfoy and some of the other Slytherins cheered. Hermione was dancing on tiptoes. “Do you think he's all right?” she squealed through her fingers.

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Harry waded across to her stall and said, “Why would I throw something at you?”mens air force 1mens air force 1

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“Without any supper?” said Snape, a triumphant smile flickering across his gaunt face. “I didn't think ghosts provided food fit for living people at their parties.”air force 1 menHarry, Ron, Fred, and George were planning to go up the hill to a small paddock the Weasleys owned. It was surrounded by trees that blocked it from view of the village below, meaning that they could practice Quidditch there, as long as they didn't fly too high.air force 1 menair force 1 menHe could hear echoing footsteps and then a dark shadow moved in front of him.air force 1 men J.K. Rowling

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“- I don't care what sort of blood you've got!” said Harry fiercely. “Why would I want to attack Muggle-borns?”air force 1 men

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“The thing that lives in the castle,” said Aragog, “is an ancient creature we spiders fear above all others. Well do I remember how I pleaded with Hagrid to let me go, when I sensed the beast moving about the school.”black air forceblack air force

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