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air force 1 lowsair force 1 lows“Face your partners!” called Lockhart, back on the platform. “And bow!”air force 1 lowsThey waited, shivering, hardly daring to move.air force 1 lowsair force 1 lowsair force 1 lows

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air force one“There might be a way,” said Hermione slowly, dropping her voice still further with a quick glance across the room at Percy. “Of course, it would be difficult. And dangerous, very dangerous. We'd be breaking about fifty school rules, I expect—”air force oneHarry's whole body went numb. Dumbledore was looking unusually grave. He stared down his very crooked nose at them, and Harry suddenly found himself wishing he and Ron were still being beaten up by the Whomping Willow.air force one

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“I'm quite surprised the Mudbloods haven't all packed their bags by now,” Malfoy went on. “Bet you five Galleons the next one dies. Pity it wasn't Granger—”air force one

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air force one sneaker“RON!”air force one sneakerair force one sneakerHarry backed away until he hit the dark Chamber wall, and as he shut his eyes tight he felt Fawkes'wing sweep his cheek as he took flight. Harry wanted to shout, “Don't leave me!” but what chance did a phoenix have against the king of serpents?air force one sneaker“Silence! SILENCE!” Snape roared. “Anyone who has been splashed, come here for a Deflating Draft - when I find out who did this—”

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“I realized that ,” said Harry, ducking as Hagrid made to brush him off again. “I told you, I was lost - what were you doing down there, anyway?”green air force onesgreen air force ones“It was Hagrid, Ron. Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago.”

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