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“Why, it's potty wee Potter!” cackled Peeves, knocking Harry's glasses askew as he bounced past him. “What's Potter up to? Why's Potter lurking—”air force 1 with lightsair force 1 with lightsair force 1 with lights“What do you mean?” Harry scrawled, blotting the page in his excitement.air force 1 with lights“What's that?” said Ron and Harry together.air force 1 with lightsair force 1 with lights

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air force 1 mid“Lie back, Harry,” said Lockhart soothingly. “It's a simple charm I've used countless times—”air force 1 midair force 1 mid“Hermione?”

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air force 1 low elite“I heard you speaking Parseltongue,” said Ron. “Snake language. You could have been saying anything - no wonder Justin panicked, you sounded like you were egging the snake on or something - it was creepy, you know—”air force 1 low elite“What's a boy in his class saying about you?” Hermione wondered.air force 1 low elite“You know, what the school needs now is a morale-booster. Wash away the memories of last term! I won't say any more just now, but I think I know just the thing…”air force 1 low elite“Meet you back here,” Ron said to Hermione as the Weasleys and Harry were led off to their underground vaults by another Gringotts goblin.

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“You're not telling me you did fly here?” said Hermione, sounding almost as severe as Professor McGonagall.air force 1 high tops“I have not been visited yet. The name Malfoy still commands a certain respect, yet the Ministry grows ever more meddlesome. There are rumors about a new Muggle Protection Act - no doubt that flea-bitten, Muggle-loving fool Arthur Weasley is behind it—”air force 1 high tops

Ron gave a loud snort. Evidently, hatching Aragog in a cupboard wasn't his idea of being innocent.air force 1 high tops