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air force shoesair force shoesair force shoesair force shoesShaking all over, Harry pulled himself up. His head was spinning as though he'd just traveled miles by Floo powder. Slowly, he gathered together his wand and the Sorting Hat, and, with a huge tug, retrieved the glittering sword from the roof of the basilisk's mouth.air force shoesair force shoes

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air force blueair force blueair force blueRon shook his head. Both he and Hermione were looking as though someone had died. Harry couldn't see what was so terrible.

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His heart was hammering. Riddle's reply came quickly, his writing becoming untidier, as though he was hurrying to tell all he knew.air force blueThe Chamber of Secrets air force blue

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“`Dear Ron, and Harry if you're there,air force one photoair force one photoair force one photo“We'll all meet at Flourish and Blotts in an hour to buy your schoolbooks,” said Mrs. Weasley, setting off with Ginny. “And not one step down Knockturn Alley!” she shouted at the twins'retreating backs.air force one photoHarry felt drowsy. Everything around him seemed to be spinning.

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The figure was emerging from a side room. As they hurried nearer, however, their hearts sank. It wasn't a Slytherin, it was Percy.force shoesforce shoes“Well, the Chamber of Secrets was opened fifty years ago, wasn't it?” he said. “That's what Malfoy said.”

Harry's fists were clenched, the nails digging deep into his palms.force shoes