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Ron's - or rather, Crabbe's - face was contorted with fury.air jordan mid 1“That Hagrid never opened the Chamber of Secrets,” said Harry, throwing the cloak over Ron and prodding him in the arm to make him walk. “He was innocent.”air jordan mid 1Spiders. Not tiny spiders like those surging over the leaves below. Spiders the size of carthorses, eight-eyed, eight-legged, black, hairy, gigantic. The massive specimen that was carrying Harry made its way down the steep slope toward a misty, domed web in the very center of the hollow, while its fellows closed in all around it, clicking their pincers excitedly at the sight of its load.air jordan mid 1air jordan mid 1air jordan mid 1air jordan mid 1“We'd better get going,” said Harry, loosening the watch that was cutting into Goyle's thick wrist. “We've still got to find out where the Slytherin common room is. I only hope we can find someone to follow…”

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air jordan saleair jordan saleHarry smiled feebly. Deliberately causing mayhem in Snape's Potions class was about as safe as poking a sleeping dragon in the eye.air jordan saleThey stood still, their heads inclined toward Flich's voice, which sounded quite hysterical.

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“Just having a look around,” Ron shrugged. “Clues, you know—”air jordan saleFawkes had swooped through the gap after Ginny.air jordan sale

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“NO!” Harry heard Riddle screaming. “LEAVE THE BIRD! LEAVE THE BIRD! THE BOY IS BEHIND YOU. YOU CAN STILL SMELL HIM. KILL HIM!”air jordan store onlineair jordan store onlineair jordan store onlineHarry Potterair jordan store online

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“Oh, Harry - oh, my dear - you could have been anywhere—”air jordan store online

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air jordan retro 9Then Fang suddenly let loose a great, echoing bark, making both Harry and Ron jump out of their skins.air jordan retro 9“Yes,” said Professor McGonagall. “But I shudder to think… If Albus hadn't been on the way downstairs for hot chocolate - who knows what might have—”

“So ends the famous Harry Potter,” said Riddle's distant voice. “Alone in the Chamber of Secrets, forsaken by his friends, defeated at last by the Dark Lord he so unwisely challenged. You'll be back with your dear Mudblood mother soon, Harry… She bought you twelve years of borrowed time… but Lord Voldemort got you in the end, as you knew he must…”air jordan retro 9